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Melanie & James

In the french countryside, this wedding was particularly special! With events running over three days, Melanie and James made the most of the local food, wine and scenery for their gorgeous celebration.

  • IMG_7427 IMG_7427
  • IMG_7518 IMG_7518
  • _MG_7466 _MG_7466
  • _MG_7121 _MG_7121
  • _MG_7366 _MG_7366
  • _AHP1966 _AHP1966

12. August 2010 by chantzis
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Tammy & Peter

Another beautiful mediterranean wedding! What could be more picturesque than the south0east Aegean – sand at one’s feet, the bride arriving by boat…

  • 03_020_MG_8788 03_020_MG_8788
  • 02_051_MG_8505 02_051_MG_8505
  • 03_002_MG_8738 03_002_MG_8738
  • 04_063_AHP2594 04_063_AHP2594
  • 04_112_MG_9071 04_112_MG_9071
  • 04_122_MG_9107 04_122_MG_9107
  • 04_117_MG_9092 04_117_MG_9092
  • 02_060_MG_8534 02_060_MG_8534
  • 02_087_MG_8684 02_087_MG_8684
  • 03_005_MG_8752 03_005_MG_8752

11. July 2010 by chantzis
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Sonia & Todd

Sonia and Todd married in western Victoria, and held their reception in a huge marquee at Sonia’s childhood home. At  the beginning of autumn, the leaves on the local vineyards were beginning to fall, and provided a wonderful backdrop for some photos of the happy couple.

  • _MG_3121 _MG_3121
  • _AHP0585 _AHP0585
  • _AHP0278 _AHP0278
  • _AHP0593BW _AHP0593BW
  • _AHP0285 _AHP0285
  • _MG_2984 _MG_2984
  • _MG_3061 _MG_3061

27. March 2010 by chantzis
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Marika & Luke

Marika and Luke were married in Portland. Their cocktail party, overlooking the sea, had their guests happy, well-fed and dancing until the early hours of the morning!

  • Marika&Luke-4893 Marika&Luke-4893
  • Marika&Luke-5887 Marika&Luke-5887
  • Marika&Luke-5595 Marika&Luke-5595
  • Marika&Luke-6088 Marika&Luke-6088
  • Marika&Luke-5907 Marika&Luke-5907

13. November 2009 by chantzis
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Nakia & Ross

Southern Californian wine country – Nakia and Ross’ wedding was everything one could hope for! The wine, great company and a joyous couple all shone as much as the sun! 

  • Gemmola_RossNakia-1965 Gemmola_RossNakia-1965
  • Gemmola_RossNakia-2253 Gemmola_RossNakia-2253
  • Gemmola_RossNakia-2338 Gemmola_RossNakia-2338
  • Gemmola_RossNakia-2713 Gemmola_RossNakia-2713
  • Gemmola-2508 Gemmola-2508
  • Gemmola-2828 Gemmola-2828

07. July 2009 by chantzis
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Erin & Corey

Another beautiful southern California wedding! With a the sea air drifting over them, the bride and groom were blissful. 

  • ErinCorey_MG-9392 ErinCorey_MG-9392
  • ErinCorey_MG-8678 ErinCorey_MG-8678
  • ErinCorey_MG-7545 ErinCorey_MG-7545
  • ErinCorey_MG-7631 ErinCorey_MG-7631
  • ErinCorey_MG-9000 ErinCorey_MG-9000

30. May 2009 by chantzis
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