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Brooke & Jason

On the shore of the Pacific Ocean, the Marion Davies guesthouse was the perfect setting for Brooke and Jason’s marriage and reception. With friends and family having traveled from all over the globe, the guests had several days to get to know each other, providing a very intimate gathering on the day of the wedding.

  • 018JasonBrooke_MG_7353 018JasonBrooke_MG_7353
  • 015JasonBrooke_AH_9850 015JasonBrooke_AH_9850
  • 046JasonBrooke_MG_6604 046JasonBrooke_MG_6604
  • 021JasonBrooke_MG_6545 021JasonBrooke_MG_6545
  • 024JasonBrooke_MG_7001 024JasonBrooke_MG_7001
  • 055JasonBrooke_MG_7101 055JasonBrooke_MG_7101
  • 110JasonBrooke_MG_6567 110JasonBrooke_MG_6567
  • 039JasonBrooke_MG_7225 039JasonBrooke_MG_7225
  • 093JasonBrooke_AH_0287 093JasonBrooke_AH_0287
  • 170JasonBrooke_MG_6731 170JasonBrooke_MG_6731

31. May 2013 by chantzis
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Natalie & James

With ten groomsman, this CBD wedding had a touch of Reservoir Dogs to it! Being able to walk from the pre-wedding preparations, to the ceremony and then the reception – all on foot – meant we explored numerous city locations with this happy couple. Ending at Trunk, an intimate and joyful atmosphere prevailed and a fantastic time was had by all.

  • 442-JamesNatalie_MG_4207_LR 442-JamesNatalie_MG_4207_LR
  • 010-JamesNatalie_MG_3288_LR 010-JamesNatalie_MG_3288_LR
  • 163-JamesNatalie_AH_6800_LR 163-JamesNatalie_AH_6800_LR
  • 149-JamesNatalie_AH_6779_LR 149-JamesNatalie_AH_6779_LR
  • 020-JamesNatalie_MG_3337_LR 020-JamesNatalie_MG_3337_LR
  • 026-JamesNatalie_MG_3357_LR 026-JamesNatalie_MG_3357_LR
  • 064-JamesNatalie_MG_3513_LR 064-JamesNatalie_MG_3513_LR
  • 116-JamesNatalie_MG_3706_LR 116-JamesNatalie_MG_3706_LR
  • 221-JamesNatalie_AH_6951_LR 221-JamesNatalie_AH_6951_LR
  • 233-JamesNatalie_AH_7086_LR 233-JamesNatalie_AH_7086_LR
  • 235-JamesNatalie_MG_9721_LR 235-JamesNatalie_MG_9721_LR
  • 465-JamesNatalie_MG_4262_LR 465-JamesNatalie_MG_4262_LR
  • 494-JamesNatalie_MG_4432_LR 494-JamesNatalie_MG_4432_LR
  • 507-JamesNatalie_MG_6190_LR 507-JamesNatalie_MG_6190_LR

11. May 2013 by chantzis
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Roberta & George

Puglia, Italy: A unique cultural experience! With possibly the world’s most wonderful food, weather,  location (check out Masseria Magli), AND couple, this wedding was something out of a fairytale.

  • 324GeorgeRoberta_5730 324GeorgeRoberta_5730
  • 317GeorgeRoberta_5684 317GeorgeRoberta_5684
  • 019GeorgeRoberta_4942 019GeorgeRoberta_4942
  • 044GeorgeRoberta_5085 044GeorgeRoberta_5085
  • 045GeorgeRoberta_5173 045GeorgeRoberta_5173
  • 128GeorgeRoberta_8923 128GeorgeRoberta_8923
  • 126GeorgeRoberta_8803 126GeorgeRoberta_8803
  • 313GeorgeRoberta_5655 313GeorgeRoberta_5655
  • 226GeorgeRoberta_5338 226GeorgeRoberta_5338
  • 407GeorgeRoberta_5913 407GeorgeRoberta_5913
  • 433GeorgeRoberta_4314 433GeorgeRoberta_4314
  • 512GeorgeRoberta_0464 512GeorgeRoberta_0464

30. June 2012 by chantzis
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Becky & Josh

A warm sunny day on a hill overlooking Green Hill Lake in western Victoria was the perfect combination for bride Becky and her husband-to-be, Josh!

  • _MG_4467 _MG_4467
  • _MG_5260 _MG_5260
  • _MG_5250 _MG_5250
  • _MG_5125 _MG_5125
  • _MG_4692 _MG_4692
  • _MG_4324 _MG_4324
  • _MG_4145 _MG_4145
  • _MG_4137 _MG_4137
  • _MG_4134 _MG_4134
  • _MG_4133 _MG_4133
  • _MG_4105 _MG_4105
  • _MG_4061 _MG_4061
  • _I5K2359 _I5K2359
  • _MG_4685 _MG_4685

10. January 2012 by chantzis
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Tessa & Nate

Tessa and Nate had their ceremony on the grounds of The Gables in Malvern! A spectacular venue and a perfect wedding.

  • _I5K1853 _I5K1853
  • _I5K1805 _I5K1805
  • _VH_1261 _VH_1261
  • _MG_2987 _MG_2987
  • _VH_1329 _VH_1329
  • _VH_1247 _VH_1247
  • _VH_1028 _VH_1028
  • _MG_2968 _MG_2968
  • _MG_1855 _MG_1855
  • _MG_1825 _MG_1825
  • _MG_1750 _MG_1750
  • _MG_1369 _MG_1369
  • _MG_0595 _MG_0595
  • _MG_0577 _MG_0577
  • _I5K2033 _I5K2033
  • _MG_2517 _MG_2517
  • _MG_1342 _MG_1342
  • _MG_0607 _MG_0607

24. December 2011 by chantzis
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Nell and Adam

A beautiful day at Bringalbit. Hens and peacocks roamed freely amongst the guests at Sue’s beautiful property outside Kyneton.

  • Adam&Nell-1-15 Adam&Nell-1-15
  • Adam&Nell-9037 Adam&Nell-9037
  • Adam&Nell-8819 Adam&Nell-8819
  • Adam&Nell-8440 Adam&Nell-8440
  • Adam&Nell-6249 Adam&Nell-6249
  • Adam&Nell-6238 Adam&Nell-6238
  • Adam&Nell-6167 Adam&Nell-6167
  • Adam&Nell-6037 Adam&Nell-6037
  • Adam&Nell-5992 Adam&Nell-5992
  • Adam&Nell-5988 Adam&Nell-5988
  • Adam&Nell-0661 Adam&Nell-0661
  • Adam&Nell-1 Adam&Nell-1
  • Adam&Nell-1-14 Adam&Nell-1-14
  • Adam&Nell-1-6 Adam&Nell-1-6

12. March 2011 by chantzis
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Megan and Anthony

A lovely day and evening at Ellenvale, near Ararat.

  • Megan&Ant-8120 Megan&Ant-8120
  • Megan&Ant-1374 Megan&Ant-1374
  • Megan&Ant-1347 Megan&Ant-1347
  • Megan&Ant-0264 Megan&Ant-0264
  • Megan&Ant-0232 Megan&Ant-0232
  • Megan&Ant-0224 Megan&Ant-0224




26. February 2011 by chantzis
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Sophie & Marc

A great Melbourne CBD wedding – with the ceremony held on location in the courtyard at The Italian! Canapes were served right where the ceremony took place, before guests moved inside to be seated for the formal reception.

  • Sophie&Marc-6253 Sophie&Marc-6253
  • Sophie&Marc-6272 Sophie&Marc-6272
  • Sophie&Marc-6228 Sophie&Marc-6228
  • Sophie&Marc-6336 Sophie&Marc-6336
  • Sophie&Marc-6501 Sophie&Marc-6501
  • Sophie&Marc-1011 Sophie&Marc-1011
  • Sophie&Marc-6416 Sophie&Marc-6416
  • Sophie&Marc-6424 Sophie&Marc-6424

30. December 2010 by chantzis
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Megan & Luke

Megan and Luke married overlooking Collins from the balcony of Melbourne’s historic Town Hall. Afterwards the bridal party visited some CBD locations for photographs.

  • LukeMegan-0070 LukeMegan-0070
  • LukeMegan-5651 LukeMegan-5651
  • LukeMegan-5486 LukeMegan-5486
  • LukeMegan-5479 LukeMegan-5479
  • LukeMegan-5475 LukeMegan-5475
  • LukeMegan-5454 LukeMegan-5454
  • LukeMegan-0129 LukeMegan-0129
  • LukeMegan-5765 LukeMegan-5765
  • LukeMegan-0090 LukeMegan-0090

11. December 2010 by chantzis
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Jeannie & Ian

Jeannie & Ian married in rural Victoria. A few drops of rain didn’t dampen the wonderful spirit of their celebration!

  • Jeannie&Ian-2551 Jeannie&Ian-2551
  • BW_Jeannie&Ian-2396 BW_Jeannie&Ian-2396
  • BW_Jeannie&Ian-2476 BW_Jeannie&Ian-2476
  • BW_Jeannie&Ian-1984 BW_Jeannie&Ian-1984
  • BW_Jeannie&Ian-1964 BW_Jeannie&Ian-1964

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